For this meeting, we ask our clients to prepare a “wish list” containing specifics of the house that they want to build, in addition to other considerations including neighborhood or lot size. We want to have a thorough understanding of what you are looking for in your new home. After we have a general idea as to the scope of work of the new construction, our focus turns to the lot acquisition.


Finding a lot to build a new home in today’s fast-paced and competitive market can be a challenge. Our team poses a profound knowledge of the local real estate market and a good friendship in the neighborhood to make the lot search and acquisition smoothly. At Bella Home Design we maintain an active and extensive pipeline of lots and leads on off-market properties. Once the lot has been identified and secured, we turn our focus to design.


On this step, our architects, designers, and engineers start the process of bringing your vision to life. With the creation of draft floor plans, 3D renderings, and design concepts and ideas, your project begins to have a life of its own and your dream home starts coming together. Based on your vision, budget and time requirements, we typically offer three options to choose from:

1. Bella Home Design Model Homes: Comfortable and functional floor plans that implement an enjoyable and modern living experience.
2. Semi-Custom Home: Choose from one of our model homes and make customizations to our floor plans to suit your needs.
3. Fully Design Your Own Custom Home: Fully design and build your new home according to your lifestyle and needs.

Why work with a Bella Home Design Architect?

  • Accountability
  • Cost effectiveness and certainty
  • Timely completion
  • Exclusive designs
  • Superior overall quality and service

Our Architectural Services Include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Conceptual & Schematic Design
  • Floor Plans and Rendering
  • Permitting
  • Interior Design


Following the design and plan phase, we prepare all the construction documents required for your project. We will coordinate
and manage the process to obtain the permits and approval necessary to start the construction of your new home.


On this step, you will work with our interior design team to choose the details of your budgeted contract allowances that are all about you – your wants and needs to suit your lifestyle. We use a program called Co-Construct which allows you to submit and confirm your selections from the comfort of your own home. It drastically reduced the amount of time and effort involved in the selection process. Co-Construct allows you to track our progress and shows you exactly where we are in the construction process.

Our team of designers are knowledgeable and experts on the latest trends and materials in home design, while still carefully analyzing and applying your personal style to your home. Whether you have an eye for design or not, our team of professionals is here to assist you with every selection and important decision you need to make.

Home Design magazines , Pinterest, Houzz.com can only help so much when trying to visualize what your home will look like. It is important to feel the textures and weights, see the colors and shapes, select features and materials in person.
Whether you are visiting with one of our designers or at a vendor’s showroom, you will always experience the same level of personal, exclusive support and attention.

Home Selections Include:

  • Cabinetry and Hardware
  • Coffered or Tray Ceilings
  • Natural and Engineered countertops
  • Tile and Porcelain or Marble
  • Moldings, Wainscoting and Trimming
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Light Fixtures
  • Interior Railings
  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Garage Doors
  •  Windows and Mirrors
  •  Roof Material
  •  Interior and Exterior Paint Colors
  • Natural stones Porch/Patio Materials
  •  Driveway / Patio / Walkway Pavers
  • Exterior Siding / Stone Veneers
  • Hardwood floors
  • Fireplaces
  • Sound and Security


Our construction team is one of our most valuable assets. Each project will be supervised and controlled by a Construction Manager, who will be your primary point of contact throughout the completion of your home.

Experienced Subcontractors: Over the years, Bella Home Design has managed to develop a solid network of subcontractors in all trades. We understand that the quality and professionalism of our subcontractor play the most important role into the quality and positive construction experience of our clients. Monitoring Schedules: We are committed to the deadlines of our services. Bella Home Design uses Co-Construct to closely monitor and manage the construction schedule planned by our Construction Managers.

On-Site Supervision: Our Field Officer and Construction Managers are constantly on-site to supervise and direct our subcontractors, installers, and vendors to ensure the plan and design compliance. Also, to oversee your selected items are delivered and installed correctly. Additionally, it is important for us that our job sites are clean and free of potentially hazardous materials at the end of each day. Our Construction Managers work in conjunction with the subcontractors to ensure our rules and regulations are always maintained.

Client Walk-Throughs: We promote periodic on-site walk-throughs with our clients. The first meeting is prior to mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, to ensure light switches and outlets are in proper places and if any last-minute framing adjustments need to be made. The second meeting is at the completion of the job, where you will walk the project and create a punch-list of items to be corrected prior to settlement. At this time, our Construction Manager will also perform a walk-through demonstration of how to use major items, where your shut off valves are, address any questions you may have or to instruct in any other pertinent information.


You may have received the keys to your new home; however, that doesn’t mean your relationship with Bella Home Design has ended. We want you to be fully satisfied with your brand-new custom home. After you move into your new home, we will be in touch to understand if you have any questions or concerns, as well to ask you to complete a full post-evaluation survey and review.

During the first year of your new home experience, we will perform a 90-day and 1-Year walk-through with you to create a potential punch-out list of items that may need to be touched up or even replaced. We want you to be 100% satisfied
and happy with your new home and we will do our best to provide the peace of mind you deserve.


Bella Home Design is committed to correcting construction defects in conformity with the terms and conditions of the Builder Warranty, applicable to all homes structured in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Builder Warranty covers your new home against construction defects as detailed in the Builder Warranty Standards of Performance, from the date your Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the county (the “Warranty Commencement
Date”) and is fully transferable to subsequent purchasers.

1 year for workmanship, materials and major systems
5 years for structural elements

During the first year of the warranty period, Bella Home Design will contact you to schedule two customer care appointments at appropriate intervals. To ensure all items are addressed, please be prepared to provide a list of items
that you want Bella Home Design to review.

90-Day Warranty Customer Care Appointment: Bella Home Design will contact you within 90 days after the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the county to schedule a customer care appointment to
review the items you have listed as defects under the warranty. This 90-day period allows sufficient time for you to become settled in your new home and thoroughly examine all components, and time for routine items associated with your new home “settling in with itself” to become apparent.

1 Year Warranty Customer Care Appointment: Near the end of the 11th month after your Warranty Commencement Date, you will be contacted to schedule your End of Warranty Customer Care Appointment. During this appointment, we will review the items you have listed as defects under the warranty.

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